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Skies of Madness Authors, Lend me Your Ears!!!!

Well, not literally. I'm not starting a collection of ears.
However, Skies of Madness is nearing publication. The first draft is still being worked on, but it is nearly all the way there. The second, third and more as needed drafts will go quickly. Like, within a few weeks. So, the time to hold this book in your hands is nearly upon us!!!! I need a few things from you lovely, lovely authors, so let us tackle one thing at a time, ok? I'm going to kind of section this off to make it easier to read. These are the things I need to get from each and all of you before Skies of Madness is published. There is no timeframe on this right now, no definite date I need it at the moment, but the sooner the better.

Author Materials

As promised, all of you will be featured right here on this website. What I need from all of you is a headshot. A photo of yourself that we can display here on the site. Make it a decent photo where you can be well-seen. No one else in the background. Just a well-lit, well-taken picture of you. Also, I will need a one-paragraph bio of yourself. If you need to see a good example of one, take a gander at the OUR AUTHORS page. These I'll need you to e-mail to us at so we can get the site stuff worked out and your beautiful selves on here in all your glory!!!