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Here we will showcase the authors that have published with us in various media. Be sure to click on the STORE link to purchase their work or the CONTACT US page to send a message to the authors themselves.




Founder and CEO of Asylum817 Productions as well as a licensed copyeditor, Billie Dean Shoemate III has authored fifteen novels and over one-hundred short stories. He holds a seat on the industry-respected Indianola Book Review and has served as an editor on seven novels for other authors. He has won several awards for his novels and shorts and was inducted into the Horror Writers Association of America in 2012. A multi-instrumentalist, Billie has been a member of Iowa-based metal band Salvaged for over ten years. In 2013, Billie released an instrumental solo album entitled 'The Cutting Room Floor' in which he played every instrument. He lives in Paducah, Kentucky with his two children Annabelle and Alexander. 





Ricardo was born in the summer of 1977 in Paducah, Kentucky. Surrounded by poverty and crime at an early age, his brother and he were raised in a local housing project by a single parent mother. His harsh surroundings allowed him to develop a strong sense of imagination and creativity as a child. This is the same creativity that allows him to write and illustrate such imaginative stories today. His debut novel, 'Friendly Competition' is a masterful work of story and art. An immensely talented illustrator, he is a welcomed addition to the Asylum817 family.




Diana Twitty, author of 'The Devil's Playground', is a resident of Metropolis, Ilinois. She lives with Willie, her husband of 25 years and her two daughters, Nichelle and Jamie, as well as her grandson Jayden. Her debut novel, 'The Devil's Playground' is a tour de force of a first outing. Check out the STORE page to check out her work! Also, visit the CONTACT US page to send a message to Diana directly. Welcome aboard!



Arthur Reyes is a resident of the great city of New York and has published three novels before joining the Asylum817 family. An avid independent filmmaker and screenplay writer, Arthur's favorite pieces to write are within the realm of historical fiction. He works as a mobile app software developer and was inspired to write due to his interesting family history. He is a cousin to the family of the infamous author Mary Shelley. Despite the gigantic shadow that name casts over the writers in his family, Arthur has made a name for himself in his chosen field of writing, winning three awards for his breakthrough novel, 'A Killer's Prose.'


Dustin Wysong has joined the Asylum817 author family with the release of 'Feel Good Cooking,' a compiled cookbook based on fantastic dishes gather throughout Kentucky. He has been a friend of Asylum817 Productions for a long time and we are thrilled to also have him as one of our authors.



Born in Paducah, Kentucky but raised in Metropolis, Illinois, Jared was born with autistic tendencies, but remained undiagnosed due to the scarce amount of information regarding autism in the 1980's. Overcoming bullying, depression and suicide at an early age, Jared began writing poems to deal with his inner anguish, as well as the untapped talent bubbling below the surface. Inspired by Asylum817 Productions, Jared exploded onto the scene with his contribution to Billie Dean Shoemate III's MACBETH and instantly became known as a force to be reckoned with . . . his poem at the end of the book becoming more talked about in fan circles than the novel itself. He is constantly working on new material and will appear in "Skies of Madness," a short story compilation in 2016.