Asylum817 Productions


Asylum817 Productions is an independent publishing company. We are revolutionary in this industry and for good reason. The company was started by Billie Dean Shoemate III and Charles Smith in 2011. Billie, a published author, had unfortunately seen the archaic and out-of-date way the traditional publishing world operates. Even print-on-demand publishers make a living overcharging, changing and redirecting young and hungry authors into places that corrupt their vision. Sick of the game, Billie Shoemate, Charles Smith and later Alex Engle, started what you see here....a publishing company that does NOT prey on authors. That does NOT charge ridiculous prices or take extreme cuts for royalties. A publishing company that costs LESS than a FRACTION of what the other print-on-demand publishers charge. In terms of quality, we will put our books up to any other print-on-demand company's any day of the week. Worldwide distribution with every single major retailer, free ISBN numbers, Kindle Direct Program and way more to list here. The good part? There are NO upfront fees. We negotiate price with the author and do not proceed until the author is happy.


The traditional publishing industry is out of date and takes authors wanting to get their words heard for granted. Why are we so cheap? What makes us different? Not only will your work be distributed worldwide, be formatted by a licensed copy editor and keep 100% of your rights, you have access to all the services that print-on-demand publishers have, from ebook formats sold on, as well as paperback copies printed professionally. We have licensed graphic designers and copy editors that will make your book as beautiful as it can be. HOW? Plus, we will say it again: you keep ALL YOUR RIGHTS. Asylum817 Productions does not own one line of your material.


Through the struggles in this often jaded and corrupt industry, Asylum817 Productions has learned a few trade secrets. These are methods so unknown that we swear all of the Asylum's employees to absolute secrecy. There is a reason we are able to offer you the SAME EXACT service and professional finished product (and then some) at an insanely low royalty cut and that is because through his years of research, we at the Asylum have made it our mission to take away customers from these companies that charge thousands of dollars to publish. Take a look!


Outskirts Press - publishing packages average $1,000


WF Literary - publishing packages starting at $1200


any copy editing service provider - depending on page count, you could spend over $3,000!!!!


How is it that we can charge less than a fraction of that and STILL turn a profit for us?


Because it is simple. They are charging too much. We are the real deal. Don't believe us? We insist you take a look at these other companies. Google them. Hunt and scour the internet. We guarantee that NO ONE....NO ONE offers the products we do at a better price. We are the trade secret. We are what the publishing industry has feared since the beginning. We are the people that will publish your work, and make you a proud author of the dreams in your mind. Make them tangible. Make it a reality. We say again. We are the trade secret. If you have cruised around the site before coming here, you no doubt saw the SUBMISSIONS tab up top. Do not mistake a submissions department as us being a traditional publisher. Traditional publishers are outmoded. Old hat. We are the new guys. We blend the best of traditional publishing and print-on-demand in a way that does not take rights away, does not charge thousands for a mediocre product and does not present polished turds as finished product.


The only limit is imagination. 


Feel free to contact us anytime. If you want to see the real thing, if you want to see what our books look like. if you're one of those that needs to see it for yourself, we will oblige anytime!


For any more information that is updated daily, check out the NEWS page!